Title of Dissertation:

Kelly Ann Kazik, Doctor of Musical Arts, 2008

Dissertation directed by: Professor William Montgomery, School of Music

A great deal of flute music written during the Twentieth Century was the product of French composers for French flutists. Through the course of the century certain composers and compositions made it into the standard repertory while the flute works of Rivier, Bozza, and Francaix remained on the periphery. In addition lack of performance attention that their flute works have received, only Rivier's flute works have been studied comprehensively. There is no discussion of Bozza's flute works and most of the study of Francaix's works focuses on the chamber music. This dissertation focuses on the accompanied and unaccompanied flute works of these men. It seeks to bring to light works that are almost totally unknown and places them in relation to the few works that have made it into the secondary repertory.

The pieces chosen for this project represent each period of the composers flute output. This dissertation follows the stylistic and technical traits found in the flute works of each composer and when appropriate compare the traits among the composers.

The following is a list of the works performed: Rivier's Oiseaux tendres, Sonatine, Concerto, Ballade, Virevoltes, Trois Silhouettes, Comme une tendre berceuse, Bozza's Image, Aria, Divertissment op. 39, Soir dans la montagne, Trois impressions, Concertino da Camera, Cinq Pieces sur les Themes Japonais, Phorbiea, Francaix's Divertimento, Concerto, Suite, and Sonate.

Included in the written part of this performance dissertation are annotations and timings of the pieces performed, a selected bibliography and discography, and biographical information on each composer.

Full pdf of the dissertation is available upon request. Scholarly inquiries only, please.

Listen to a sample of the lecture of The Pastoral Lyricism of Eugene Bozza: