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About Dr. Kazik's Students...

Dr. Kazik's students range in age and ability from elementary school through college. The studio stresses good music and flute fundamentals, and assists students in achieving their individual musical goals.

For competitive students, Dr. Kazik's students have placed highly in Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia All-District and All-State Bands and Orchestras. Students have placed in the National Flute Association High School Flute Choir Competitions, the Mid-Atlantic Flute Choir Competitions, the Fredericksburg Festival of the Arts Young Artist Competition, and the Piedmont Symphony Young Artist Competition.

For students pursuing careers in music, Dr. Kazik currently boasts a 100% placement rate. Dr. Kazik's students have been accepted to or attended: East Carolina University, the San Francisco Conservatory, Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, and Boston University. Many of her students who do not pursue a music degree have received non-major scholarships to play in their college bands.

Many of Dr. Kazik's non-competitive students enjoy playing the flute for family, friends, and churches. One student volunteers her time to play for the elderly.

About Lessons...

Flute lessons allow a beginner to advance more quickly. Lessons help a serious student to prepare for college auditions, and allow an amateur flutist to enjoy the instrument and music more.

Flute lessons consist of tone studies, technical studies, and repertoire suited to the student's abilities and goals. Students participate in a yearly recital, and all band students are encouraged to participate fully their school band programs by playing for the All-District competition and the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Lesson Rates:

20 minute lesson (for young beginners) = $30.00
30 minute lesson (for average students) = $35.00
1 hour lesson (for serious students) = $70.00